Why a Prayer Book?

Why does my faith seem so unfulfilling?

All too often, modern discipleship models are peddling spiritual junk food based primarily on consumer demand. These models put consumer choice at the center of devotion and consequently leave Christians spiritually malnourished, passive, and unable to tell the difference between personal preference and eternal truth.

Is there a better way?

We believe a better way has been hiding in plain sight! In fact, it has been there for millenia, preserved in the long memory of the church and given expression in many ways across the centuries of God’s faithful care. The Greeks called this way “askesis.” Today we might compare it to “working out” at the gym. It is the logic and liturgy of Common Prayer.

How does Common Prayer work?

Common Prayer directs attention away from the self and to God. It lets emotion follow His lead rather than “priming the pump” and hoping for the best. It forms the spirit and creates strength through repetition. At its best, when done for the right reasons and with the right heart, Common Prayer can be a powerful tool the Holy Spirit uses to craft the whole Christian life, preparing it to meet temptation head-on, and helping it move past temptation to the work of the Kingdom.