Our heart is for the local church — and especially those churches that have not experienced “prayer book spirituality.” Our goal is to create resources for the local church that will provide some “handles” for this kind of spiritual work. A Book of Prayer for Baptists is the foundational work of our organization. The plan is to create additional resources such as a more brief book with just the Daily Office material. We believe this “slimline” edition will be very helpful and possibly even more accessible for those who are starting to engage in this type of spiritual practice.

In addition to the physical resources, we would love to begin to hold spiritual retreats to begin to teach these disciplines in a fully immersive environment. Much like children’s camp or youth retreats, there is something about getting away and turning off the noise of the world for a while in order to hear the still small voice of God. Solitude retreats have been integral in both of our lives and ministries; so we would love to take others on similar retreats with the goal of starting a movement of more spiritually balanced leaders who are willing to “rest in God.”

Any tax-deductible gift will be used to provide free books and resources to local pastors, church leaders, and planters. Our goal is to sell our resources as close to our cost as possible so that more and more people can benefit from this type of prayer. In addition to giving away free resources, we will use donations to pay for professional copywriters, proofreaders, and other publishing costs upfront in order to bring the per-copy price down for future resources.

-David and Patrick